Book Donation to the Braintree Public Schools - 2015

One of the goals of the Gardeners' Guild of Braintree is to promote interest in and knowledge of our environment, its protection and its perservation.  For the 25th consecutive year, the Guild has continued its tradition of dontaing books related to these topics to every grade in the Braintree public school system to be used in their media centers.
On Septemer 21, 2015 Guild President Barbara Black made the formal presentation to Donna Anderson, Principal of the Monatiquot School Kindergarten Center.  Also attening the presentation were kindergarten students Christopher Federick, Richard Stanton, Annika Houts and Nailah Watson.
Lucille Barton, GGB founder and retired Braintree school teacher, along with Catherine Avellino, Ross School teacher and fellow guild member, selected 24 books this year for their appropriatenes and appeal to each grade level.  Guild member Judy Caristi attached bookplate labels to each of the 54 books donated.
The Kindergarten Center recevied 9 books: "Our School Garden" by Rich Swamm, "The Secret Life of Squirrels" by Nancy Rose, "Plants Feed Me" by Lizzy Rockwell, "From Seed to Sunflower" by Gerald Legg, "Flowers" by Vijaya Bodach, "Compost Stew" by Mary Siddals, "Up in the Gardent and Down in the Dirt" by Kate Messner, "Gotta Go! Gotta Go!" by Sam Swope, and "From See to Pumpkin" by Wendy Pfeffer.
Each of the six elementary schools - Flaherty, Highlands, Hollis, Liberty, Morrison and Ross - received six books:  "Hollyhock Wall"  by Martin Waddell, "Robbit School: A Light Hearted Tale" by Albert Sixtus, "Aztecs" by Rosemary Rees, "Spring Story" by David Updike, "Harvest Year" by Chris Person and "Come Back Salmon" by Molly Cone.
The East and South Middle Schoosl received five books each:  "Restless Earth: Disasters of Nature" by National Geographic Society, "Mayflies" by Ted Fauceglia, "Hungry For Home: A Wolf Odyssey" by Asta Bowen, "Killer Bees" by Lawrence Pringle, and "Egypt: Land of the Pharaohs" by Time Life Book.
Braintree High School received four books:  "Hand Ocean Answer Book" by Thomas and Patricia Svarney, "Our Living Earth: A Story of People, Ecology and Preservation" by Isabell Delannoy, "Coral and Desert - The Magic of the Red Sea" by Gianni Gvdalupi and Giorgio Mesturni and "Three Seasons of Summer: Gardening with Annuals and Biennials" by Ethne Clarke.
This program is funded entirely by GGB as one of its many community endeavors.  Its primary annual fundraiser is the Christmas House Tour.  This year it will be held on December 6th from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.  The Holiday Boutique, alson on December 6th, will feature more than 40 vendors displaying and selling their handcrafted ware such as clothing, jewelry, home decor items, gift baskets and holiday foods.  As always there will be decorated fresh green wreaths and stunning centerpieces made by guild members.  It will be held at Braintree Town Hall, 1 JFK Memorial Drive from 11:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.  Entry to the boutique and refreshments are free with a house tour ticket.  Without a ticket, there wil be a $2.00 entrance fee.  For other Guild and membership informaiton, please visit the website at