Guild Data

2019-2020 Executive Board
President - Millie Yeung
1st Vice-President - Millie Rochan
2nd Vice-President - VACANT
Treasurer - Carole Wilson 
Corresponding Secretary - Marybeth Forbes 
Recording Secretary - Karen Kelly 
Board Members Committee Chairpersons
Auditor - Carmela Varraso
Community Beautification - Lucille Barton and Maggi Johnson 
Creative Potpourri - Ann Moore and Sandra Young
Hospitality - Sarah Sciascia & Patricia Jenkins
Membership and Remembrance - Stephanie Minichello and Cathy Toohey
Nominating/Past President - Barbara Black
Plant Therapy - Carolyn Mahoney
Program - Rochelle Moore
Publicity - Santina Giannino 
Telephone Committee - Phyllis Field 
Ways and Means I (Boutique) - Kerri Eck